Jorge de la Garza Make Up professional makeup brand

Professional Makeup for the most demanding users

We are focused on the world of fashion, innovation in cosmetics and constant training of our customers with professional courses. The best makeup artists and hair and beauty salons work with our professional product line.

Innovative textures

We know that each product has its optimum texture, so we do not stop until we find it.

Skin care

We manufacture using mineral ingredients and the latest innovations in cosmetics.

Durability and comfort

We test products for months to guarantee you the best possible experience.

Easy to apply

We design packaging to expedite work at makeup sessions.

Trending shades

Jorge de la Garza’s vision is a guarantee of trend and fashion in the sector.

Paraben free

Our brand always manufactures to the highest quality standards.



We are present in the world of fashion and we offer training for our customers by the best professional makeup artists.

Lluïsa Gasch - Maquilladora profesional

Lluïsa Gasch

Official trainer. Ongoing collaborator with Jorge de la Garza Make Up in first-class international magazines.

Gabriela Ramel, maquilladora profesional

Gabriela Ramel

Official trainer. JG Make Up professional makeup artist boasting a strong track record in the world of makeup. Responsible for our training sessions and workshops.


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