SINCE 1980
"Beauty is the art of
fall in love with presence"
Hair Stylist
Make-up Artist.
Art as passion, architecture as training, beauty as a profession. A team with which Jorge de la Garza has traveled all over the world: fashion, parades, magazines, television...
The best known faces have been their landscape and, in them, with their restless spirit and exquisite talent, discovers the beauty that we can possess in an instant
"Inspiration. Live with passion.
Be different"
Jorge de la Garza is the creator of his own line of products, colors and textures for more than 20 years. The result, a brand designed for professionals, created with the utmost demand and with a unique vision.
Innovative textures
Easy to apply
Skin care
Trend colors
Duration and comfort
"Understanding makeup as a harmony allows you to better interpret colors, shapes and volumes."

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